Spring Solutions Featured in BAE Systems Brochure

We are delighted to be chosen for recognition at BAE’s end of year Supplier Event today. The below message was broadcast as part of the event which took place online this morning in true 2020 style in recognition of the Chemical & Consumable system we have implemented at our customer’s facility.

The event took place remotely and involved over 300 representatives from organisations ranging from SMEs to Global Corporations.

“The consumables transformation has delivered a significant improvement to the method of deployment for over 600 different types of glues, paints and personal protective equipment to the operations team. The implementation team selected and collaborated with Spring Solutions to install a point of use Kanban system, which has revolutionised how consumables get to the operator on the shop floor. The supplier has supported in introducing a new on-site store and replace the obsolete third party IT system, as well as producing a pipeline system for the 600 items to guarantee continuity of supply. The number of late purchases has been reduced from 350 to 0 and escalation of late deliveries has reduced from 150 to 2. Both the procurement team and supplier’s efforts have positively strengthened the relationship with our operations customer.”