Oh oh…disaster has struck! 😩

This week the naughty little Elf on the Shelf has forgotten to note to his colleagues in the Purchasing Department that two of his most important products are set to expire tomorrow…

With no replenishment order in place and significant manufacturer lead times it looks like it’s going to be a costly production stop for Christmas!

But wait…his Purchasing Department recently partnered with Spring Solutions Chemical Management Solutions, Chemcare.

Thanks to Chemcare a trigger has been put in place well in advance of the products expiring, Elfy can expect his early Christmas present in the form of replenishment stock to be delivered directly to his work station first thing tomorrow. 🎁

Sound familiar? Let us show you how Chemcare can silence the Elf on your shelf! 🌲

Thanks to our Key Account Manager Christopher Cullen for playing the role of this weeks Elf, excellent job Chris. 🎅

Stay tuned for more adventures from Elfy…🧑‍🎄