Q: What kind of fastener would you be and why?
The form A washer cause I’m a bit of an all rounder. I’ve worked in almost every department in this industry from warehousing & storage, inspection & verification, Logistic operations, purchasing & procurement to account management & sales. It’s been great fun through cause I feel like I have a solid understanding of how every area works which is my strongest asset in Spring. That’s about as creative as I can get with a fastener related pun haha!

Q: Favorite Quote?
This Changes for me quite a lot depending on my mindset – I can’t think of an all time favorite but one that has stuck with me recently is “Confidence is deciding that you are unstoppable, not that you’ll never fail”. I’ve always tended to have quite high standards for my own work, in turn this has meant that when I fail at a task or experience any form of failure I can be unreasonably hard on myself. I’ve recently been trying to readjust my attitude towards failure – I’ve been seeing it more as just another avenue to success.

Q: What do you love most about your job?
Absolutely the team I work with. I’ve never met a team as focused and driven to tackle and overcome a challenge than the Spring team. As well as that, they are some of the kindest & most helpful folk around. I know I can count on the team for support in anything whether that’s in a professional or personal sense.

Q: How do you priorities your day? 
Organization and planning has been massive for me recently due to my role shifting to a more Purchasing & Procurement focused role. I use a combination of a daybook where I write down all of my tasks, a flagging system within outlook, and a digital calendar. Each day I break down my workload to; recurring day-to-day items, larger projects, and ad-hoc tasks. From there, I break them down further into three categories – Must do 1st priorities, secondary tasks, then other items that aren’t as time sensitive but still need done. This allows me to manage my day so that I get all of my priority tasks completed as well as work on my other items. I’ve found that physically writing down everything I have on paper is a massive help in keeping a clear mind throughout the day.

Q: As a mental health ambassador how do you bring this in to the workplace? 
I think the main thing when it comes to mental health in the workplace is opening up and not being afraid to speak about it. I’ve struggled with my own mental health in the past and the most helpful thing for me was when other people opened up and told me about their experiences. We all have ups and downs in work and life, having a wee chat sometimes makes a massive difference. I’m also a qualified mental health first aider, trained in noticing the signs and approaching difficult conversations regarding peoples wellbeing and if need be signposting them to resources we have at Spring and elsewhere.

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