Are you part of the Defence supply chain for platforms such as armoured track vehicles and tanks, fighter planes, marine battleships and aircraft carriers? Or a producer of air and land defence systems including naval equipment, weapons and missiles?

Then you probably use military grade fasteners which are also known as mil-spec fasteners in the manufacturing of your products. Mil-spec fasteners must meet the regulations and standards laid out by Defence contractors and the related Governing bodies. These strict standards cover features such as dimensions, material qualities, hardness and tensile strength. They are supplied with certs to ensure full traceability back to the originating factory including country of origin to ensure performance and reliability in critical applications.

Spring Solutions are an AS9120 accredited specialist supplier of Mil-spec fasteners offering Inspection, XRF and hardness Testing, Verification and Certification for Quality, Provenance and Compliance. Our unique Certification Level system allows us to tailor our product and traceability level offering to specific customer requirements ensuring we are consistently offering the best product in the market at a competitive price. For continuity and obsolescence avoidance our Supply Management solutions include services ranging from Kitting, Kanban, VMI, DLF to on site services such as On-Site Store management and all-encompassing 3PL warehousing & logistic solutions.

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Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2022 from the team at Spring Solutions,
We are delighted to announce that we have passed our AS9120 surveillance audit with no Non-Conformances.

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