Celebrating a Stellar Year: 70% Growth and Unstoppable Team Spirit

As March drew to a close, so did another remarkable fiscal year for our organisation. We achieved an extraordinary 70% growth, surpassing our already impressive performance in 2022/23.

In recognition of our fiscal year’s end and an exceptional first quarter, we decided to finish a little early last Thursday at Spring HQ, so we could host a special performance by the local artist Luke La Volpe, whilst enjoying a great spread of food.

The celebration continued at ‘El Toro Guacho,’ a local favorite, where dinner and drinks were enjoyed by all. The slightly older team members were then sent home and the young team carried on the celebrations for a while longer!!

Such milestones could not be achieved without the relentless effort and commitment of our dedicated team , and we know that it’s crucial that we savour every moment of these remarkable times.

Additionally, our success would not be possible without the invaluable support from our community of suppliers, customers, and followers. We remain committed to exceeding your expectations.

We look forward to another year of striving for excellence and accomplishing our goals.

Check out Luke La Volpe on Spotify and help support our local talent!

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