Celebrating Our Recent Recertification: AS9120B & BS EN ISO 9001:2015

We are thrilled to announce our recent success in the recertification audit this month, leading to the renewal of our AS9120B and BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certifications. This achievement not only underlines our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in quality management and distribution but also solidifies our position as a trusted leader in our industry.

What Are AS9120B and BS EN ISO 9001:2015?

AS9120B is a standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS) for organisations within the aerospace industry. It is designed to meet the stringent, complex, and unique demands of the aerospace sector from the safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance standpoints.

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 represents the global benchmark for quality management systems across various industries. This certification is focused on enabling organisations to consistently meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through effective application of their QMS, including processes for improvement and assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Why Are These Certifications Important?

1. Enhanced Quality and Reliability

These certifications require our organisation to adhere to internationally recognised quality management principles. By conforming to these standards, we ensure that our products and services are safe, reliable, and of high quality. For our clients, this translates to products that meet, and often exceed, performance expectations consistently.

2. Reduced Risk

The rigorous standards and regular audits associated with AS9120B and ISO 9001:2015 certifications mean that every aspect of our operations is closely examined for potential risks and inefficiencies. This proactive approach to risk management not only prevents problems before they occur but also ensures rapid response and resolution, thereby minimizing impact on our clients.

3. Compliance and Regulatory Assurance

For clients in industries like aerospace, where safety and regulatory compliance are paramount, having a supplier that is certified in AS9120B and ISO 9001:2015 offers peace of mind that all necessary guidelines and regulations are being met. This reduces the burden of compliance on our clients and facilitates smoother, faster project deliveries.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our QMS is designed with customer satisfaction at its core. These certifications require us to continuously improve our processes and resolve any issues that arise swiftly and effectively. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, as clients receive consistently high-quality products and services.

Benefits to Our Clients

The renewal of our AS9120B and ISO 9001:2015 certifications represents a promise to our clients. Here are the benefits they can expect:

  • Trust and Confidence: Clients can have full confidence in our capabilities and commitments, knowing they are partnering with a certified and regularly audited supplier.
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Efficiency: With streamlined processes and high standards of quality management, we contribute to more efficient supply chains, helping our clients keep their projects on schedule and within budget.
  • Competitive Advantage: By partnering with a certified provider, our clients enhance their own offerings and market standing, which is especially critical in competitive industries like aerospace.

The renewal of our AS9120B & BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification is more than just a milestone—it’s an integral part of our promise to deliver excellence. We are proud to offer our clients not only the highest standards in quality and safety but also a partnership that helps them achieve their business goals with greater efficiency and less risk.

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