Solving the single biggest issue

Solving the single biggest issue

Traceability is the single biggest issue facing the Fastener market at the minute.

The import of sub-standard products with counterfeit certification is flooding the market with counterfeit products, not fit for use in critical industries.

Furthermore, Bill of Materials are still calling up old and obsolete standards which do not meet with the products widely available in the market. A lack of knowledge in the industry means that our competirors are incorrectly certifying products to standards and material grades that they do not meet.

The risk of products failing in the field is simply to great to comprehend.

How Reliable is Your Certification?

Between 1973 & 1996 alone unapproved and counterfeit hardware was responsible for 174 accidents in the Aerospace & Defence industries.

The EIFI (European Industrial Fastener Institute) are so concerned with the standards of imports of substandard stainless-steel fasteners that they have written to the European Anti-Fraud Office calling for an investigation:

“substandard stainless steels have been used in the manufacture of fasteners which clearly do not comply with the standards inferred by their head markings. Buyers need to be on their guard for fraudulent products”

Dr Guisseppe Marzorati, Chairman of the EIFI Stainless Steel Fastener Group

This means that while you may buy fasteners that are stamped with a material grade, you are entirely reliant on your supplier having done their due diligence or the products are as meaningless as the certification that’s been provided with them.

Did you know that old & out of date standards are referenced on approximately 65% of items that are included in an average A&D Fastener BOM?

Did you know that less than 5% of European Stockists are accredited to certify products to these obsolete standards?

If we consider that Obsolete standards make up 65% of a BOM but less than 5% of companies are certifying to these standards, how is your current supplier bridging the gaps between these old and obsolete standard and what is available in the market now and what does that mean about the quality of the products that you are receiving?

Spring Solutions are experts in the Fastener & Chemical Supply Chain Industries. Our management team have invested time, energy and experience into developing a Quality Management System which tackles these issues head on ensuring delivered product complies with 100% of your requirements 100% of the time.

We are bringing manufacturing of these products back to the UK – offering UK Manufactured Fasteners with Full Traceability & Full Material Certificates available with our SS02 deliveries.

Our anti-counterfeit policy ensures that we are actively removing these products from the supply chain offering on site and point of sale testing.

For peace of mind around your Fasteners Traceability and Certification, get in touch with us today.

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