Best Practices for Product Quality and Safety

Best Practices for Product Quality and Safety

A Kanban (or TwinBin) solution consists of the creation of a either one or several Kanban Locations within our customer’s facility. The Kanban will be home to the regular running Hardware, Chemicals & Consumable products used in that area and for which it is imperative that you have stock on hand to assist in the continuous flow of production.

Our approach

Spring Solutions provide a multitude of Kanban Solutions for our customers who are looking to ensure a continuous flow of products to their production lines.

We will design a Kanban solution to service either a single location or a variety of different locations throughout your site.

We’ll locate it as close as we can to your production area so that you can ensure your highly skilled staff have access to the products that they need to ensure you can build your products as efficiently as possible.

By choosing Spring Solutions you will have already significantly reduced the number of suppliers you are managing, allowing you to achieve significant cost savings by reducing your total cost of ownership and removing administrative and logistical costs as well as significant savings in touch time by completely revolutionising your current purchasing model.

We will then take those efficiencies into the logistical solution, bypassing the need for goods in and storage by delivering precisely the quantities of stock that you need at the time that you need them, directly to the production line.

In the background, Spring Solutions revolutionary supply chain management tool Chemcare will analyse the usage down to the minute, acting to ensure that stock is pipelined and available to you on an uninterrupted basis.

Similar to VMI & Kitting, this process delegates the entire management of these products to the team at Spring Solutions; one purchase order covers the entire agreement, with invoicing being consolidated and directed to your cost centres.

Advantages of a TwinBin System vs alternative supply solutions

  • Ensures a continuous availability of products at an agreed quantity
  • Ensures availability of spares
  • Offers more flexibility and adaptability to change

Disadvantages of a TwinBin System vs alternative supply solutions

  • Bigger footprint in each location
  • Less control of stock
  • Less touch/build time

If you would like to discuss a KanBan system and its impact on your stock control process, our team at Spring Solutions would be pleased to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

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