Best Practices for Product Quality and Safety

Best Practices for Product Quality and Safety

Shelf life management is an important aspect of product quality and safety, particularly for food and pharmaceutical products. Proper shelf life management ensures that products are safe for consumption and maintain their quality throughout their expected shelf life. We’ll take a look at the best practices for shelf life management for your environment, including factors that impact shelf life, shelf life testing, and strategies for extending shelf life.

Our approach

Shelf-Life Management (or a lack of it), REACH Compliance and Obsolescence (link to Spring Clean) are the significant challenges that we face in the Chemical & Consumable Industry.

As we discussed in our Chemical Management Solutions page (link), it is good business for our competitors to sell you high MOQs and constantly bill you for stock that you do not use that goes end of life.

When was the last time your supplier held a call with your production team to discuss forecast?

Do you have an itemised scrap bill detailing when products were bought, and which demand figure was used to create that order?

Do you get notifications that products are being underused or over consumed?

Do you have shelf-life expiry notifications?

Mismanagement of shelf life is the biggest threat to your budget and your mission to become a more sustainable and responsible business.

Did you know that the Chemical Strategies Partnership benchmarked companies in the aerospace and defence sector, to determine the value of hidden and indirect costs around chemicals? Their conclusion was that on average “For every £1 spend on product there was a further £1 – £3 spent on management, scrap, compliance and disposal”. It’s simply unforgivable that this isn’t spoken about on a wider forum.

Spring Solutions tackle these issues head on.

Our revolutionary supply chain tools Chemcare and Spring Clean will work with our team of experts to ensure that we completely eradicate unavoidable wastage from your sites. Furthermore, our marketplace tool will look to resell any expiring or expired products in to alternative industries that can use them. We have a hit rate of 15% on this which is growing every month.

If you would like to discuss how Spring Solutions can positively impact your Shelf Life Management strategy, our team at Spring Solutions would be pleased to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

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