Who We Are

Our expertise = Your competitive advantage

Our expertise = Your competitive advantage

Spring Solutions are a team of specialists with over 150 years of combined experience in the Fastener, Chemical & Consumable supply industry. We’re taking the industry by storm, solving problems and eradicating issues that have plagued the marketplace and caused untold disruption for our customers for years.

We take pride in treating you like an extended member of our family.

Our approach

Since our inception in 2017, Spring Solutions have worked with customers ranging from local production facilities to some of the largest names in the Aerospace & Defence industries and our goal is always the same:

“To make the lives of our customers easier by overcoming the problems they face in sourcing, procuring, receiving, using and disposing of Fasteners, Chemicals, & Consumables.”

We are AS9120B, ISO9001:2015, JOSCAR and Cyber Essentials Certified in addition to being approved suppliers to Airbus Defence & Space, BAE Systems, Leonardo Helicopters, Rheinmetall, and RBSL, to name but a few.

Meet The Team

Meet our team…our small team of industry experts take pride in treating you like an extended member of our family.

Jonathan Ward

Managing Director
01506 901100

INTERESTS: Away from work, which I am hugely passionate about, I love to spend time with my daughter, Joni. We just had a wee boy at the end of May too so I guess I should include ‘changing nappies’ and ‘moaning about a lack of sleep’.


I love the team and I love working with the team to overcome problems we didn’t think we had a chance of overcoming when they first came up.

John Ward

01506 894458

INTERESTS: I’m an active musician regularly playing gigs locally, I love musical theatre and I am an avid reader. My other main hobby is football. I’m on the board of our local team, Scottish Premiership side Livingston Football Club and I play five a sides as much as I can.


The company is hugely innovative, and customer focussed. Everybody goes above and beyond.

Mike Wilson

Sales Director
01506 894458

INTERESTS: I love sports and my main hobby is playing and watching golf.


Great team of people here who support each other and are fully focussed on providing the best service possible to our customers

Ronnie Garvey

Non Executive Director
01506 631875

INTERESTS: I am a huge football fan. Love my team West Ham United. I also coach my young lads local team and still kick a ball whenever I can.


Watching this company grow from where it all began to where it is today has just been incredible. Long may it continue.

Marc Hall

Director of Continuous Improvement
01506 674934

INTERESTS: Family time, spending time with my wife, two daughters and my dog, Reading and sports are my two favourite hobbies. I think my playing days are done but I still enjoy watching and going to the football with my youngest daughter.


Being a relative newbie I have loved every minute of my time here, having returned to the industry after 15 years working in the entertainment sector. We have an amazing team with such customer centric values who never settle for 2nd best and are always striving to do better which has made my job so much easier. Nothing is too much to ask of anyone that works here and I love the way everyone pulls together to complete tasks and projects, we have the perfect balance of large company thinking and processes with all the benefits a small company brings from a service level

Jarrid Nisbet

Purchasing Director

INTERESTS: Spending time with my family takes up the majority of my time outwith with work, many adventures and kiddy fun keeps us entertained. I also enjoy the odd game of football and have signed up for my first 10k with the team… the start of a new hobby perhaps, if I survive!!


Spring Solutions are not content with standing still we are constantly looking to improve and have the drive to be the best in our field. This is reflected by all the team and creates an atmosphere that is second to none.

Rona Haig


I am proud to be a founding member of this amazing organisation. I’ve been involved within the industry for over 25 years and love watching our young team flourish under Jonathan’s leadership.
One of the best things about being part of Spring is the spirit of togetherness and focus amongst the team. The ‘can do attitude’ is a rare thing these days but the team will always go that one step further in finding solutions to customer needs.

When I first started in the dark ages I had reputation for never saying no to a customer enquiry. From rolls of cable to literally kitchen sinks (think clean room) I always tried to deliver. We’ve moved on a bit since then but at the end of the day all we do is solve problems for our customers and that’s something that will never change.

Ian Duncan

Group Quality Manager
01506 894458

INTERESTS: 5-a-sides, running and a wee bit of hill walking when the weather is good.


It’s been great to see the company growing and evolving since I’ve been part of it. This is also reflected in the desire of the employees to improve and evolve with the company to ensure we meet and exceed the requirement of our customers.

Calvin Mark

Quality Inspector
01506 894458

Hi, I’m Calvin Mark, a Quality Inspector at Spring Solutions in Bathgate. With 15 years of experience in quality inspection across diverse industries such as Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Motorsport and Non-Destructive Testing, I take pride in being part of the Spring Solutions team. I believe that teamwork and a passion for helping our customers with their supply chain management challenges are the key ingredients that make Spring Solutions stand out.

INTERESTS: In my free time, I enjoy playing bowls and football. Working out at the gym is also an essential part of my routine, as it helps me stay fit and energized for my work at Spring Solutions. I’m excited about the company’s future and look forward to being a part of its growth and success.

David McCulloch

Logistics & Fulfilment Manager

INTERESTS: Little fun fact about me is I love climbing Munros and flying but I have a fear of heights.

I joined the Spring Solution team on the 29th of May 2023 after being in the industry for the last 18yrs working in Logistics and Fulfilment. My background is in KanBan and Ultra Sonic cleanrooms and Kitting working alongside Leonardo Thales Raytheon Bae Systems and now RBSL.

Why did I join Spring Solutions? Easy. Jonathan and his fantastic team give me a fresh look at how this industry is going to be in the future

Jim Rooney

Quality Inspector

INTERESTS: I am a family man with two children, and I’ve been married for 21 yrs. I enjoy travelling…a lot! I am a keen football fan and I organise football & big birthday trips. I love music and concerts are also a big attraction.


I feel very welcomed into the Spring family in my first 3 months in the company. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help each other out. It is great to see the excitement from the team when new orders are won!

Aimee Hunter

Office Manager

INTERESTS: Photography and all things creative!

In my current role, there is so much variety that no two days are the same. I love the variety that this role offers, and Spring has provided a great platform for me to develop my career as Office Manager.

I love working for a company that is forever growing and expanding. As we grow, I am excited to take on new challenges that come our way. I believe I work with the best team of people, and we all put our own personal touch to the customer service we provide which is what makes us world-class.

Marc Grant

Purchasing Wizard

INTERESTS: Hillwalking, Running, partial to an all night PlayStation sesh

Fun Fact – I have an identical twin brother, though I’m the more handsome one.


Spring Solutions are a truly world class service provider in supply chain solutions. The company values show what we’re all about and is exemplified by the team at spring who demonstrate these values on a daily basis. What I enjoy most about working at Spring is the people. Working with such a like-minded group of people has been great and we’re always doing our best to improve as well as help each other out when needed. I genuinely don’t think I could find a better bunch of folk if I tried.

Christopher Cullen

Key Account Manager

INTERESTS: Any form of Sports; Football, Golf, Tennis even Squash you name it I’ll give it a go. Don’t mind taking on and beating a few of the guys at pool on our lunch breaks either


Firstly, the people and the team I work with day in, day out. We have recently employed another four individuals and they are fitting into the company ethos brilliantly; to be involved in a continuously developing organisation is a pleasure.

Secondly, I love the world class services in which we offer all of our customers; I love solving problems within this industry which we can all admit can be challenging at times, but it makes us brilliant at what we do!

Kari Crawford

Administrative Assistant

INTERESTS: Shopping…Unfortunately I don’t have anything good to say for this one lol


And for what I like about the company – the people I work alongside, everyone is really welcoming and friendly and I can see how hard everyone works to provide the best service for our customers.

Joshua Pinkett

Administrative Assistant

INTERESTS: Socializing with others and my main hobby watching baseball.


Everyone is outgoing and puts in 100%. They are all adaptable, helpful and provide the best service they can to their customers.

Mia Mackie

Procurement Assistant

INTERESTS: I enjoy sending time with my friends and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds. I would say my biggest accomplishment is that for the last 2 years I have been my dad’s sole carer.


I am doing an apprenticeship at Spring, and I am really enjoying it as it’s a great learning opportunity for me to grow and learn things about an industry that I never really knew about until I worked here. I hope to continue here and develop my career within the company. My main role is working with Jarrid on customer accounts, working on placing orders on the chemicals and consumables for the Kanban and Ad hoc.

Why Work With Us?

Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

Trust is a huge part of deciding on your solutions partner; choose wisely and your business is immediately enhanced with a supply chain specialist working in partnership with you to provide bespoke solutions, and promote your growth. This leaves you free to focus on your core competencies.

We have over 150 years experience in:

  • Offering bespoke world class supply chain management solutions

  • Taking major costs out of our customers supply chain

  • Making the day to day lives of our customers easier

  • Class C part management

  • Creating one stop shop solutions for our clients

“I would highly recommend Spring Solutions as a key supplier who provide quality on time product thus ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership to STI and our customers”

Purchasing Team Leader, Surface Technology Int Ltd

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